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Newly engaged? Congratulations! The venue is decided, but what about the wedding photographer? Where to begin? Here are some tips on how to choose a wedding photographer.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

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1. Portfolio

STYLE - Style was the most important aspect for me when I was learning how to choose a wedding photographer. Luckily, I found someone who had the style that I imagined for my day.  Make sure the wedding photographer has images throughout their website that match your style. Look at their wedding and engagement portfolio or wedding blog to make sure these photos match the look you're going for. Here are some different style examples that many wedding photographers may describe themselves as:


The photographer blends in with your guests and captures genuine moments taking a behind the scene approach. Providing very little direction, (posing) the day flows naturally and the photographer captures as it unfolds. 

Natural Light

Utilizing only natural light, the photographer captures the day. Strictly using their camera with no other equipment this style is most popular and great for creating photographs with that "vintage" feel.


To me, this means the wedding photographer treats your wedding as a personalized style shoot for a magazine.  With a vision, the photographer directs, poses and creates. These photos tend to be more dramatic and edgy. The use of off camera flash is common.


Here the wedding photographer utilizes many different elements to offer a blend of style.

Personally, I can describe my work as the photojournalistic style with traditional elements, utilizing natural light, but also getting creative with off-camera flash.  I am there to capture your day as it happens in a traditional way, but I love to create and step away from the safe shots.  I will pose you when the time is needed (family formals, bride and groom portraits) but mostly, I will step back and capture your day without you realizing I am there.

2. Contract

Make sure you know what is in your contract. Does your wedding contract include a second shooter? What about turn around time? What if you're waiting 5 months after your wedding for your photos? These answered questions can help manage expectations.

3. Venue

Does the wedding photographer have experience with your wedding venue? If not, are they willing to take a trip up to your venue to become acquainted with it? Look through your potential wedding photographer's blog and search through it to find your venue.  If you can't find the venue on their site, consider asking them if they would mind meeting you there, or driving up to get some ideas.

4. Engagement Session

Does your potential photographer offer an engagement session.  I can't stress it enough how important these sessions are.  In a formal blog, 8 Reasons for an Engagement Session, I discussed reasons to have an engagement session.  Most people haven't been professionally photographed, so here is your chance to practice for your wedding day.  Make sure you ask your photographer if this is included in their wedding pricing.

5. Budget

Don't choose a photographer based solely on pricing.  Have you ever heard, "You get what you pay for?" With that being said, if the photographer is just above your price range, don't be afraid to ask for recommendations of other photographers.  I belong to a group on Facebook with other professional photographers who support and refer each other daily.

6. Personality

How to choose a wedding photographer when there are SO many different personalities?


It is extremely important to me to form relationships with my brides and grooms.  I enjoy seeing your family grow, and just knowing how your life is after the wedding. I will never be one of those wedding photographers that falls off the face of the Earth after your photos are delivered.


Make sure your wedding photographer is honest about how your day will go. Face it, sometimes we pick up on vibes from people that aren't genuine.  If you get these vibes, consider looking into someone else. I've been described as "The most genuine, positive person" by many friends and brides.  


Find a wedding photographer that doesn't appear to be stressed out with planning your day and who definitely doesn't sweat the small stuff.  This isn't just a job for me.  In fact, I don't really consider it a job at all.   I LOVE delivering images of your father crying during his toast, or the groom looking at you as you're walking down the isle.

I am the type of wedding photographer that will get up and dance with you during any Michael Jackson or Pitbull song.  It is important for me to get "the shot", and I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone to make it happen.


I truly believe in taking the above into consideration before choosing your wedding photographer.  If you believe in the importance of the above mentioned, and feel I would be the right fit as your wedding photographer, reach out to me.  I would love to talk to you to discuss your vision for your wedding day.