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Long Beach Island Family Portraits | The Civitarese Family

Summertime on Long Beach Island is a perfect setting for family portraits on the beach.  The Civitarese family and I enjoyed an amazing time on the beach in mid July.  The family portrait session took place in the town of Brant Beach in central Long Beach Island.  The two boys had so much fun with their sailboats in the ocean. 

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Long Beach Island NJ Brant Beach Family Portraits | The Marcel Family

The Marcel family and I were almost blown away on Long Beach Island, but luckily the rain held out for some lovely, candid family photos.  Baby Elyse supposedly didn't like sand, but as soon as she put her feet down she stood their smiling for the camera.  She definitely is loved and was the center of attention during these family photos.  I loved the family's complimentary wardrobe, their sense of humor and their overall candidness during the pictures. 

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Long Beach Island NJ Family Portraits | Adinda and Family

This is the third photo session with this family on Long Beach Island, NJ and they are absolutely one of my favorites! I feel like I am a part of their family too.  Baby David was so good and I even was able to get some photos with his eyes open... Oh and he looks exactly like James, who by the way, had a blast running around on the beach! Speaking of looking alike, Adinda's sister Barbara and her look EXACTLY alike.  What beautiful sisters! 

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