What is your photography style?

I can describe myself as a lifestyle photographer with  more of a dramatic side.  People would describe me as easy going and fun.  I use natural light mostly for ceremonies, but I LOVE utilizing OCF (Off Camera Flash) for portraits. 

What is Off Camera Flash?

OCF or Off Camera Flash literally means light usage not on my camera. This allows me to shape my light however I want, allowing for any style of lighting. 


Why should I have a second shooter?

A second shooter offers a different perspective of your day. My second shooters will mostly be assisting me with my OCF, but may shoot during bridal and groom prep and other key moments of your day (ceremony, entrances, first looks, ect.).  

What is a print release?

A print release gives you my permission to print your digital photos anywhere you want.  The print release is stated in your contract.  I do not recommend printing larger than a 5x7 because I can not ensure quality (of the third party's printer) unless printing through me.  


Why should I choose 9 hours over 7 hours?

Whenever I make an album, I love to tell your story.  If I do not have pictures of your bridal prep, I can not include them in your story.  The perfect time frame of a wedding requires at least 9 hours of coverage.  This allows me to capture your bridal prep, up until your cake cutting (depending on your timeline).  


Why do a First Look?

A first look involves two people, you and your groom.  It is very intimate, and typically results in capturing more of the groom's reaction to seeing the bride. Typically the groom is more relaxed because its just you and him as opposed to 200 people staring at him when he first sees his bride. There also isn't a time crunch when doing a First Look which allows couples to get to their cocktail hour. 


What kind of printing do you offer? 

  • Prints- Before images are sent to my printing lab, I optimize them further and sharpen them.  Sizes range from 2.5x3.5 to 30x40.  
  • Canvas Prints- perfect for when you want to take an exceptional image to another level. Sizes range from 8x10 to 40x60.
  • Bamboo Wall Art- Sustainably harvested material and a beautiful mounting option for your images.  Sizes range from 5x5 to 30x40. 
  • Framed Prints- Give your images the presentation they deserve with  remarkably handcrafted frames. Mat options. Sizes range from 5x7 to 20x24. 
  • Standouts- Made from lightweight foam with the edge of your choice. Holes are added to the backside making it ready to hang as soon as it arrives. Sizes range from 8x10 to 30x40. 
  • Wood Prints- Give your prints a natural look with your image printed on real maple wood. The beauty of the grain comes through on the lighter colors and white areas of your image giving it a soft and warm feel. Sizes range from 5x5 to 20x30. 

  • Albums- Allow me to creative a beautiful reminder of your day for yourselves or as parent gifts! Warrantied for life! Choose between leather or linen options. 

Do you help me with my timeline? 

Yes! I provide a structured schedule on how the day will flow in relationship to key photographic moments.   A couple months before your wedding I will put together a tentative timeline to help ensure your day runs smoothly. I will also send a questionnaire that includes important information for me to know, such as what portraits are mostly important to you that we get. Two weeks before your wedding, we will finalize your timeline.


What is a mobile gallery?

A mobile gallery is simply a gallery you can view on your phone.  It is great for simple viewing and social sharing.


What should I wear to an engagement or portrait session?

The only requirement I have for clothing style is to not have any logos. Other than that I would suggest dressing in your style, that allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin.  Being comfortable in your clothes really transforms into your pictures. Brides- this may be a perfect time for you to do your makeup trial!