Wedding Albums

Wedding albums are a great way to showcase the most important day of your life. When you purchase an album- you are providing a gift to your children- and your children's children.   Albums are truly the final product of your important day, which is a major investment.  Why not use some of that wedding money and invest a little more? The beauty of purchasing an album is that you don't have to pay for it right away.  MCP requires a small retainer, and then allows you to pay in installments.  Choose between 8 by 8, 10 by 10, or 12 by 12. 


Your album can be covered in leather or linen, in a wide range of delightful colors and textures.


Leather Albums

100% natural, Italian leathers selected for their grains, texture, durability, strength, and quality. Decide if you want a rugged, natural beauty color, or a rich, simple color that is sure to impress.  

Linen KISS 01.jpg

Linen Albums

Linen, is a light, textured, animal-friendly option for your album.  The layered weaves are a delight to the fingers, while the colors are a feast for the eyes. 


Fabric Albums

8x8 Album 20 page spread (40 pages) $750 plus tax

10x10 Album 20 page spread (40 pages) $850 plus tax

12x12 Album 20 page spread (40 pages) $950 plus tax

*Upgrades available, each additional spread $15.00 up to 20 spreads*